About Us

Founder of ForexBriefcase, Jin Dao Tai (Jin), has more than 10 years of trading experience in the Foreign Exchange (Forex) market. He started with a career as an economist and later, started his own proprietary trading firm where he manage a multi-million dollar portfolio. Throughout his career as a trader, he has generated superior returns because of his tactical and strategic trading style, discipline, and keen attention to risk management. As an international speaker and trading coach/trainer, he has also guided hundreds of traders around the world on his approach to the markets.

Together with his team of experienced traders, system developers, account managers, and business developers, daily operations of ForexBriefcase are professionally managed by the multiple departments. With experts in the respective fields, they are devoted to strengthening the advancement of ForexBriefcase to reach its full potential while ensuring that the clients’ best interests are at the highest priority.

Currently, ForexBriefcase has a global client base with presence in more than 8 countries worldwide and serving over 1000 clients worldwide.