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Providing our clients with capital protection and competitive return-on-investment with our industry expertise and knowledge.

The ForexBriefcase Managed Account service was launched in 2018, to provide friends and family of the founding team with a unique opportunity to participate in the currency market. Over the years, ForexBriefcase has grown to reach investors around the world. With the primary objective of capital appreciation through uncorrelated performance relative to other asset classes, the ForexBriefcase Managed Account offers investors access to proven proprietary trading skillsets, carefully managed risk, and high-quality customer service.

The Foreign Exchange market has been proven historically to be an asset class that is lowly correlated to all other asset classes. This low correlation makes investment into Foreign Exchange a suitable risk diversification tool in any investment portfolio.

Has the ability to generate returns in all market cycles, and in a manner that is focused on protecting and growing your investment,

The flexibility to respond to changing market conditions and to adopt a number of return-generating positions. 

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Global Client Base

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